Towel with weft fringed sides


Towel with weft fringe by Wilma Boyd

Each meeting of the Seattle Weavers' Guild features a segment called "Hot Off the Loom". During this time members display and explain work they have recently done. In November, 2018 Wilma Boyd presented a series of towels she had woven. "The weaving pattern is plaited twill, in a pattern modified by SWG member Patrice Riordan. It is easy to balance 2 colors - not so much 3. Thanks to Patrice for her help! I liked the pattern and have used it for other woven items. This towel is one of a series woven on white/slate grey cotton rug warp with various cotton wefts. I made a series of neutral warp and various wefts; one was for a kitchen towel for the son and daughter-in-law of a friend. She sent me a picture of a throw rug in their kitchen, and I matched the stripes and edge fringe as closely as I could. It has been a fun series of table runners and kitchen towels. I may make a few more for Christmas in the red/green/white color palette."