SWG Workshops

SWG Workshops

Seattle Weavers Guild Workshops 2018-2019

Estimated costs for all workshops will soon be shown below after locations and room reservations are secured. You may register in person at a Guild meeting or by e-mail to workshops@seattleweaversguild.com starting September 27, 2018.

An $80, non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of registration to hold your place. Estimated costs reflect uncertainty in travel costs and the minimum and maximum number of participants. The Guild offers 8 to 10 scholarships per year for workshops. Please check the Guild website for more information.

Thinking of taking a workshop? Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for workshops.


Turned Beiderwand: One Threading, Multiple Structures with Karen Donde

Website: https://karendondehandwovens.com
Date: Friday-Saturday, May 24-25, 2019
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center Estimated cost: $150-$175

Woven in Northern Germany and Southern Denmark in the 17th and 18th centuries, traditional beiderwand is a doubleweave technique where two weaves are interwoven to create a sturdy cloth that can be used for clothing, wall hangings, curtains and more.Turning a beiderwand draft creates clean pattern blocks, better drape and faster, one- shuttle weaving than its traditional supplementary weft method. The resulting threading also adapts easily to weave other structures. Students will learn beiderwand basics: how to tension a supplementary warp with or without a second warp beam; and how adapt turned biederwand threading to weave several different structures. There will be several different drafts, offering a variety of designs for discussion. Each student will weave a variety of samples on their loom, as that's the fun of turning a draft!

For intermediate to advanced weavers with 8 Shaft looms. This is not a round robin. Please email: Workshops@seattle weaversguild.com if you are interested in joining us.

Karen Donde weaves garments, fashion accessories and home textiles for sale and teaches assorted workshops for guilds and conferences. Teaching credits include HGA's Convergence 2012, 2014, and 2016. She is a juried member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and a 2013 graduate of Haywood Community College's Professional Crafts-Fiber program. She is a contributor to Handwoven magazine and serves on the magazine's Editorial Advisory Board.


Mini-Workshops are informal teaching opportunities offered by SWG members on a volunteer basis. It is one way that our membership shares information with each other. Mini-workshops generally last a few hours, an afternoon or a morning. It's a one-time shot, with no teaching fees and no rental fees. Given by guild members for guild members, Mini-Workshops are a wonderful benefit of SWG membership. It is also an excellent way to meet a few others who share common interests.